Should we only give to Christian organisations?


by Alex Rattee

Many Christians want to direct their charitable donations to specifically Christian organisations. In this blog I argue that Christians are not bound to only support Christian organisations. In a follow-up post I explore what pro-active steps the Christian EA community could take given that some Christians will only ever want to give to Christian organisations. Continue reading “Should we only give to Christian organisations?”

Love with all your mind


by Stefan Höschele

Does Jesus’ statement, “Love God … with all your mind” (Matthew 22:37 NIV) support effective altruism? 

While Jesus was of course not directly talking about effective altruism, this key verse of the New Testament interprets “loving” as something that is not a feeling but an action done in a reasoned manner. The statement demands serious altruism, which supports the principle of effectiveness in altruism. Continue reading “Love with all your mind”

Against duty-based arguments for giving to the local church


by Alex Rattee

Rather than arguing that donating to one’s local church is the way of bringing about the most good in the world, the most plausible arguments in favour of giving substantial amounts to the local church seem to me to be that the relationship that church members have with their church create specific obligations on them to donate to their churches even if it does not lead to the most global good overall. Continue reading “Against duty-based arguments for giving to the local church”

A local-church-centred approach to Christian effective altruism


by Joe Tulloch

In a previous post for this blog, I argued that donations to one’s local church cannot be considered effective giving. In this second article, which is the product of fruitful discussion at the recent Effective Altruism for Christians conference, I develop and modify this conclusion, suggesting that, while this is currently the case, Christian effective altruists ought to encourage their local churches to become effective enough to support. Continue reading “A local-church-centred approach to Christian effective altruism”

Perspectives on effective evangelism


by Mike Morell

Within the Christian effective altruist community, the concept of “effective evangelism” is controversial. This post offers a brief introduction to the terrain, not a comprehensive review or a definitive conclusion.

A small survey found that Christian effective altruists care about various causes to varying degrees, with poverty tending to be the primary concern. Evangelism was unique in exposing a clear difference, with many respondents considering it “extremely important” and many others labeling it “not important”. In discussions, the disagreement runs deeper than just prioritization; there is debate whether principles of effective altruism ought to be applied to evangelism at all.

Continue reading “Perspectives on effective evangelism”

Four steps for toning down partiality


by Dominic Roser

Peter Singer, a leading effective altruist, supported his mother when she suffered from Alzheimer’s. Critics were quick to ask whether he behaved consistently with his professed belief in impartiality. Couldn’t he have done more good by spending his time and money not on his mother, but on more effective causes with anonymous beneficiaries?

Impartiality presents a challenge to all of us. We are torn between wanting to avoid favouritism while also wanting to prioritise those who are near and dear to us – in particular,  special relationships such as our spouses. Continue reading “Four steps for toning down partiality”